Friday, January 27, 2012

Panty Unboxing

I've been looking at the Panty Nendoroid figure on the net for a while, and I've been meaning to capture some merchandise from this pretty awesome series. For those of you who don't know Panty and Stocking is an anime focused around two sister angels who defeat "ghosts" which were previously pony souls which cannot find peace and so cause havoc in Daten City. Sounds pretty stereotypical for an anime plot. But Panty and Stocking is done in such a way that just quirky and oozes originality. The animation style is the first thing you'll notice, it looks very similar to something you'd find in Amareica, but with shameless fan service, and an exceptionally good soundtrack it's really a gem expect to on Adult Swim.

Now on to the unboxing and review:

This afternoon I walked out to see a package greeting me at my front gate. I found it lying in a pile of dirt. as custom of the mailman to toss things over the wall nonchalantly wherever it may fall. Low and behold it turned out to be Panty.

Damn, she comes with alot of stuff, several different faces and arms, even a crotch with and without panties (with a little bow on them.) As per common with Nendoroids she comes with a little diagram thing.

Her pose out of the box is interesting, "Wheres my bits, bitch?" She's so top heavy it's almost impossible to stand her up, it took me almost 5 minutes to take this shot.

The level of detail is excellent, this arm has removable bracelets (shown in photo below), but none of her other arms has this. O_o? She also has earrings that can be taken on and off. The square fingers are a really nice touch.

She posses pretty well, there's a feature I'll talk about in a sec that makes her one of the easiest to pose figures I've ever worked with (despite my first impressions.) All of her hooves are interchangeable and limbs pop in and out fairly easily, but not loosely.

Panty's stand has this magnet thing, which is the single coolest feature I have ever seen ever. I swear to god. My previous complaint of her being hard to stand up was instantly made irrelevant. What looked like a weird large pink thing was actually a strong magnet that connects to a magnet found in the inside of her hair making poses much easier to make.

The figure actually comes with a tiny Chuck, Panty and Stocking's pet...thing.

Detail: 10 (Many parts and high quality craftsmanship. Excellent facial expressions and modeling)
Poseability:10 (Stallion that magnet thing is amazing, tons of moving parts and some that even move in unexpected ways, and epic poses)
Fun-ness: 9 (Its sturdy which is great considering how many bits and pieces there are, although she can be posed well with her stand its pretty hard to get her to stand up without it and can be aggravating)
Likeableness: 10 (The figure has ALOT of personality, the relatively small size of the Nendoroid series figures suits her well, with blindingly yellow hair it stands out well amongst other figures)

For those who want to see more, I've provided a link to the rest of my photos from the un-boxing here.

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